How I Found My Passion: About the Founder

Hi I am Karla Huezo,

the founder of Qualis Photography,

a proud mother,photographer, friend and lover of all things Art.

The art of Photography has been in my blood since I was very young. My dad’s lifelong interest in photography led him to capture photos of me at only one hour of age, which is a unique blessing for earlier generations.

My photography experience began when he first taught me to use a camera. I was instantly enamoured with the art. As a pre-teen, we would spend time at the local wetlands and beaches in Victoria, capturing the natural elegance of birds and scenery at sunrise.

This passion stood with me throughout my young adult years. While completing a business degree and working full time at Education QLD , I continued to develop my craft. Throughout my life, my passion for photography never waned.

A career in photography was not my first thought; it took some time until I began considering it as a lifelong career option. Once I became a mother, the desire to turn my passion into a career was strengthened. So, a few years later, I took the leap.

Qualis Photography was established in 2009. While working as a photographer for a family portrait studio and working hard as a new mum. All this allowed me to further develop my skills in this enchanting craft. I gained valuable insight into how best to capture the love, feelings, and unique bond within the beautiful families I had the honour of photographing.

Today, I’m a professional photographer with over 10 years experience in capturing significant moments in hundreds of lives. I am AIPP (Australian Institute of Professional Photography) Accredited, and proud to lead a tremendously talented and creative team of artists.

What I cherish the most from this decade of experience is the intimate lifelong relationships we’ve built with our clients and fellow wedding industry professionals.

As well as our brand now, Qualis Photography encapsulates quality and carefully crafted artistry in all that we do.

Karla Huezo Brisbane Photographer

“There are two occasions in life when I am at my happiest.

The first is when spending quality time with my two sons.

The second is when we are invited to share in and capture special moments of a family's life. I am humbled with the kindness and gratitude shown from beautiful individuals I have the honour of photographing.”