What does Qualis mean? Why is Qualis your brand?

Since the beginning, I knew my photography career would be something I was honoured to share with many. Although tradition in the photography industry is to name your business after yourself, I wanted to branch out into something different.

My search for a meaningful name brought me to the word Qualis, a Latin term. I’ve always been a fan of the beautiful Latin language. Qualis is an adjective, meaning “what is it like”, “what is the condition of”, or “how excellent”. It’s a bit of an abstract term, but one that found a place in my heart.

In addition, it sounds similar to the word Quality, which is the most important value in our business.

What makes your photography different from others? What is your photography style?

Our biggest point of differentiation is the way in which we capture beautiful memories. Each image is more than just a photograph to us. Our photos represent moments that will inspire you for years to come; the greatest moments you’ll treasure endlessly.

We are not there simply to get the job done. We are there to create special artwork you will be able to cherish.

Our photography style is described as a balance of documentary, emotive, and intentionally artistic compositions, depicting the emotion in the moment that was captured. The tangible results are clear, polished, detailed images, showcasing our expert use of lighting and experienced creative direction. We offer beautifully curated layout designs for custom wedding albums and art pieces to hang in your home.

What camera equipment do you use?

We’re glad you asked! We could talk camera equipment endlessly. In all our photography, we shoot with full frame format Nikon cameras and professional grade lenses. For cinematography, we use Sony cameras with professional grade lenses, plus tripods and Ronin SC Pro Gimbal.

Our main photography shoot kit is composed of:

• 2 full frame camera bodies with spare charged batteries
• 14 to 24mm Nikkor lens 2.8
• 24 to 70mm Nikkor lens f2.8
• 70 to 200mm Nikkor lens f2.8
• 50mm Nikkor lens f1.8
• 85mm Nikkor lens f1.8
• 2 Nikon SB Speedlights and plenty of batteries
• Glanz LED 650AS Led Light
• Reflector/Diffuser Kit
• Back up camera and smaller lens kit

… along with any other bits and pieces we may need.

How are working hours scheduled for the wedding day?

We know each wedding is as unique as each lovely couple. Our working hours for each wedding day are flexible, and we will work with you to create a plan for the big day.

We will plan arrival times to best suit your day, and work around variables such as travel between locations. This includes moving with you from bridal prep to ceremony, photo shoot location to reception, and so on.

Our schedule for your wedding day will be focused on your requirements. While our schedule is ultimately for you to decide, we are happy to offer our expertise as to how best to schedule it. Our focus is to produce a beautiful gallery of memories you’ll cherish for years; we’ll be there for each and every important memory.

How do we receive our images?

Image delivery is done through a private online gallery, neatly organised for easy viewing. This gallery offers unlimited downloads and ease of sharing with loved ones.

We delivery this gallery in multiple resolutions: various sizes for web use, and high resolution. The gallery we provide is a professionally curated selection of the best photographs from your event.

As our way of saying thank you, we will gift you a keepsake boxed USB containing the full gallery of photos in high resolution format.

Can you tell me more about your photo editing process?

Photo editing is the icing on the cake for photography. This term includes all design work involved after the image has been captured. Photo editing can be referred to as post-processing, photo manipulation, photoshopping, and photo enhancement.

We believe it is one of the most important parts of a professional photographer’s job; we are the artists of an image.

Each image in your gallery is carefully selected and edited for best results. Our edits often include colour management for the best possible photo. Photo editing is the reason we require approximately 6 to 8 weeks to deliver your gallery — but we promise, it’s worth the wait.

Can I view a sample of a full wedding gallery?

We know this question is an important one. While we’ve selected our favourite photos to display on our website, we understand the importance of viewing a comprehensive album that contains photos from every stage of the wedding day. We want you to understand the quality of the product you will be receiving, therefore we’re more than happy to share.

We welcome you to request access to samples of our recent wedding galleries. Or, even better, we’d enjoy the chance to meet with you face to face to guide you through some of our favourite galleries and albums.

Can we purchase a high quality wedding album from you?

You sure can! Qualis Photography offers a beautiful range of custom album designs, in all sorts of sizes and finishes. We carry both Australian made wedding albums and bespoke Italian wedding albums.

Upon receiving your digital gallery, we encourage you and your loved ones to mark your favourite photos as such. We will use this list to curate and custom design your special wedding album, to act as a long lasting heirloom and keepsake.

We are happy to offer you more details on this process as we move through the details of your photography plans.

How can we print photographs? Can we purchase prints from you?

We are happy to offer professional pricing ^printing options for purchase. Many of our clients are fond of this option as we happily provide a convenient done-for-you service with high quality results.

Our professional print options include:
• Prints
• Framed Pieces
• Canvases
• Wedding Albums
• And more!

Alternatively, you may use any printing retailer of your choice. Your digital gallery is delivered in JPG format, making it easy to print your photographs through a wide variety of printing services.

Note: Please check out our DIY Printing recommendations page

Where are you based and do you travel?

We are based in beautiful Brisbane, QLD, Australia.

Will you travel interstate?

Absolutely! We will happily travel to create the wedding photography of your dreams. Our portable kit allows us to travel anywhere your beautiful moments are created.

Are you available for international travel and destination weddings?

We sure are — our passports are up to date and ready for take off! We welcome the opportunity to capture your international destination wedding. Our kit is portable, and our skills, creativity, and talent come with us wherever we go.

Send us a message and we’ll be happy to have a chat to work out the details.

What happens if you are unwell?

Your wedding day is of the utmost importance to our team. In the unlikely event that your photographer is unable to work on your wedding day (due to extreme circumstances), we guarantee an excellent photographer from our network will be available to capture your wedding day on our behalf.

Are you insured?

We carry full $20M public liability insurance. We can provide you, or your venue, with a certificate upon request.

Can we arrange an appointment before we secure our booking?

Sure thing! We welcome the opportunity to personally connect with you about your photography needs and wedding plans. Reach out to book a time with us; we can’t wait to chat.