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Engagement Photography Portfolio

Photography Shoots that happen before the Wedding Day:

Pre-Wedding & Engagement Couple Photoshoots

What is an engagement photoshoot?

An engagement photo shoot is about capturing a collection of couple portraits before the wedding, focused on the connection you have as a couple, and the excitement for the upcoming wedding event. All this shot by a professional photographer of course.

What is a pre-wedding photoshoot?

A pre-wedding photo shoot, similar to an engagement photoshoot is about capturing a collection of couple portraits in a wedding dress and wedding day suit before the wedding. Often photographed at beautiful locations that may be difficult to get to on the day of the wedding. These images can be showcased framed on the wedding day.

Engagement Party & Pre Wedding Events: Event Photography

At this events, we take a slightly different approach from the more guided photoshoot such as the engagement and pre wedding photoshoots.

These are more about capturing the moments as they happen, we call this event coverage. We capture the details such as the decorations and your interaction with family and friends throughout the events as they happen.