To Veil or not to Veil??

This blog post if for all you beautiful brides pondering on that decision to opt for a veil or not to veil for the big day!

Here you will find some interesting facts, perhaps just a few points about Veils: some things I have learned and images I have collected over the years of shooting beautiful brides who opted to wear veils.

Who knows ... it may help you make that decision to at least try one.

First of all, lets start answering " what is a veil?"

A veil according to web definitions found is an article of clothing or hanging cloth that is intended to cover some part of the head or face. In our modern wedding traditions a veil is a beautiful, soft fabric which adds a finishing touch to the beautiful wedding dress of choice. A beautiful accessory to style the bride on her wedding day.

I am no expert in Veils to be completely honest! But I am happy to share what I do know:

·       A veil can be a versatile and beautiful accessory that complements or enhances your style on your wedding day.

·       There are so many options to choose from short, long, laced, raw edge etc. Point is that you can surely find one that you like and are comfortable with wearing.

·       It can add a little mystery and excitement, a little reveal for your future husband to enjoy as you make the walk down the isle.

·       It can be a fabulous prop to have fun with for your wedding day photography.

And my favourite reason to opt for a veil! drum roll please!

·       It can be a fabulous prop to have fun with for your wedding day photography.

Here are a few of my favourite veil shots we have captured :

Preston Peak Wedding Lonf Veil
Noosa Wedding
George Wu Bride
Bridesmaid fun
QVB Sydney Wedding Photographer
Brisbane Botanical Gardens Wedding
QCC Woolloongabba
Courtney Thorpe Bridal Shoot
Cultural Wedding Photographer
Sunlit Wedding Yeronga
St Stephens Cathedral Veil
Veil Beauty Shot
Soft BW photo Bride

Regardless of your choice to wear a veil or not...

I can assure you, we can capture your beautiful wedding day moments, together creating photographs for you to treasure those memories of your day for generations.

In the mean time:

What are your thoughts on the topic?

Would love to read your comments or thoughts on the topic!!